This suite of lesson plans aims to support practioners with the embedding of meta-skills across the curriculum.      

This is achieved through a combination of standalone lessons and a set of lessons that offer a suggested cyclical approach. 

Standalone lessons provide learners with the opportunity to focus on individual meta-skills or groups of meta-skills.  These lessons aim to deepen their understanding of meta-skills and develop their ability to articulate meta-skills.   

A suggested cyclical approach his shown below: 

  • Start of year lessons - Introduction/recap meta-skills, initial self-evaluation of meta-skills by learners, creation of meta-skills development plan by learners 
  • Midyear lessonsRevisit self-evaluation and reflect on the progress, update meta-skills development plan
  • End of year lessons -Evaluate and reflect on progress, identify and capture areas for development over the following year 

Each lesson consists of a simple plan with supporting presentation slides that can be adapted to suit most learning environment. 

Lesson plans – coming soon

  • These resources are currently under development.

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