The Apprenticeship Approvals Group (AAG) has responsibility for approving all Scottish apprenticeships from 1 April 2020. It is an employer-led group aimed at ensuring Scottish apprenticeships meet the needs of employers.  


The Group’s role and purpose is to: 

  • approve all Scottish apprenticeships  
  • ensure that apprenticeships fit with policy  
  • oversee and ensure quality assurance in apprenticeship development activity  

For more information, see:

The group will work closely with the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board (SAAB) Standards and Frameworks group.  


Ruth Jennings of Sainsbury’s is Chair of the Apprenticeship Approvals Group and a member of SAAB Standards and Frameworks Group.  

Remaining membership is made up of employers and experts from a variety of different sectors. 


The Group meets approximately every month and minutes of the meetings are published, following approval from the Group’s Chair: 

Note: the Apprenticeship Approvals Group (AAG) replaces the Modern Apprenticeship Group which formally dissolved on 31 March 2020. The new approval process now covers foundation and graduate apprenticeships, as well as all modern apprenticeships.  

You can still view minutes from previous Modern Apprenticeship Group meetings.

Submission Deadlines

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6th August

23rd July

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5th November

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If you have any enquires regarding submissions, please contact AAG Secretariat –