Career management is about believing that we have the ability to influence how our career turns out.

Thinking that we can make a change is the first step, but we also have to know how to make this change and then we need to be able to follow it through.

The skills that are needed to do this are Career Management Skills (CMS).

Make better career decisions

CMS empower individuals to identify the skills they have and the ones they need to develop to help them realise their potential at any stage in their life.

It supports economic growth by putting the right people in the right jobs connecting the needs of people and businesses.

By gaining CMS, the young people of today will become the successful employees, employers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

“Working with young people to develop their Career Management Skills equips them with the skills and information they need to make informed choices about their future career options.”

Ruth Scott, SDS Careers Adviser

Working in partnership 

The CMS approach is embedded throughout SDS services. As well as delivering it through our own centres and the web service My World of Work, we work in partnership with other organisations to deliver CMS in schools and colleges across Scotland.

More than a careers information service

The CMS Framework for Scotland was developed in partnership with Scottish Government, Education Scotland, Scottish Qualifications Authority and other professional guidance practitioners and academics. Partners also include schools, training providers, colleges and universities, employers and Jobcentre Plus.

“We are piloting the use of the CMS Framework with SDS. Our Employability Officers feel that the introduction of CMS will ensure young people are referred to the appropriate stage of the employability pipeline. This will ensure their progress is consistently monitored and reviewed.”

Jamie Tait, Employability and Skills Project, South Ayrshire Council