Skills Development Scotland collects and analyses data on our programmes and activities. This area has been designed to make a selection of relevant reports and information publicly available.

Latest statistics 

Quarter 1 2020-21 statistics on Modern Apprenticeships, the Employability Fund and Other Skills Initiatives are available in this section.

Code of Practice 

Since 2013, we have been following the Code of Practice for Statistics for our Modern Apprenticeship, Employability Fund and Annual Participation Measure publications. SDS has been named in legislation as a producer of official statistics. The Parliamentary order came into force on 21 December 2019

The Code of Practice for Statistics is based on three pillars:

  • Trustworthiness – through commitments to clear, orderly publication of statistics
  • Quality – of outputs
  • Value – of the insight provided

The public value of statistics is at the heart of the Code. By complying with the Code, SDS demonstrates that:

  • We are ethical and honest in using any data
  • We have a strong culture of professional analysis
  • We respect evidence
  • We are open and transparent about the strengths and limitations of our statistics
  • We communicate accurately, clearly and impartially
  • We are committed to engaging publicly to understand user needs

For further information, read the Code of Practice for Statistics here.

On the left you can search for statistics by programme and you can find our future publications schedule for statistics here.

Contact us if you have feedback or questions about any aspect of our statistics.


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