We’re working with employers to help them understand the benefits of work-based learning.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) works proactively with companies across the country to support employers to make the most of apprenticeships. 

“Having listened to employers, a recurring message is that more emphasis on work-based learning and apprenticeships will support skills and an innovative, inclusive and growing economy."

Marion Beattie, Head of Employer Services at Skills Development Scotland

More apprenticeships 

SDS already works with industry and employers, supporting Scottish Government targets for 30,000 new apprenticeship starts each year by 2020.

We are also supporting around 2600 Foundation Apprenticeships for pupils and approximately 900 Graduate Apprenticeships in 2018. 

Ongoing support

To ensure employers benefit fully from the range of skills development and apprenticeship opportunities available, SDS’s Employer Engagement Team proactively works with larger employers to expand and integrate work-based learning into their strategic objectives.

SDS Head of Employer Services, Marion Beattie, said: “SDS colleagues offer help to companies to ensure they are what we are calling ‘work-based learning ready’.

“Support can be provided on an ongoing basis and offered to a range of companies with a variety of skills requirements.

“The companies we work with represent all sectors and geographic locations across Scotland, and are keen to fully understand the business benefits of work based learning in this period of rapid technological change and how they can get involved.”