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Other Resources

To further support practitioners several other resources have developed for use within learning and teaching. 

Meta-skills posters 

This collection of posters is intended to increase the visibility of meta-skills within the learning environment.  Practitioners are encouraged to use the posters as a tool to support discussion and reflection on meta-skills development with their learners. 

Flash cards 

This set of flash cards has been developed to further support learners with their understanding of meta-skills. 

Meta-skills icons 

This PowerPoint slide contains images of all the 12 meta-skills icons.  Practitioners can use these to create and develop their own resources that support the embedding of meta-skills across the curriculum. 

Adaptable meta-skill posters 

These editable posters have been developed to further support practitioners and learners understanding of meta-skills.      

Initially practitioners should engage in discussion to develop and agree illustrative examples of how meta-skills are applied or developed in their leaner/curricular area.  These examples should then be added to the editable templates and displayed in rooms/corridors so as learners can start to see the connections between application and development of meta-skills across the whole curriculum. 

If you would like to share some examples of you have used these resources with learners, please contact the SDS Education Team by clicking ‘Get in touch’ below. 

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