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Meta-skills Toolkit

Never has there been a more crucial time than now to focus on the skills development within young people.   

Providing a learning environment where; visibility of skills, meaningful discussion and reflection on skills, and the opportunity to profile skills experiences, will support young people with their ability to understand, recognise and articulate their skills development. Adopting this as a natural part of everyday learning teaching will empower young people to be - successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors – ultimately allowing them to reach their fullest potential throughout their learner journey and beyond.  

This toolkit has been developed through consultation with educators and other partners to create a suite of resources that will support practitioners embed skills in a manageable and sustainable way.  

This approach is not mandatory and the toolkit is provided as a resource for those who would like support, are struggling for time or ideas, or who are looking for some inspiration and guidance as they develop their own approach to embedding skills across the whole curriculum. Please feel free to use them as you would like.  

We have developed the following resources: 

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