Update 22 December

Please be aware that our connection with the SQA validation service is currently switched off. This will mean that all Modern Apprenticeship Milestone 1 and Outcome claims will not be processed on FIPS during this period for SQA claims. You will receive an ‘N52 Error’ message if you attempt to claim these and the process will abort. We will update you in the New Year once our connection with the SQA system is back up and running and at this point you will be able to resubmit these claims.

We apologise for the inconvenience at this time.



FIPS has been updated with new functionality from Microsoft as of October 2021. A summary of these changes is detailed below:

  • The alphabet search function that was previously located along the bottom of various extensions (e.g., Applications, Assignments, Individuals) has been removed.
  • The global search has been moved to the centre of the top ribbon bar. The global search now contains a ‘Recent searches’ history view.
  • The save button that was previously located at the bottom right of the screen has been removed. The Save and Save as Draft buttons should be used instead. Applications and Assignments will autosave as information in input – records do not need to be manually saved when information is entered into the fields.
  • The sort / filter and edit columns functions within views have been enhanced for ease of use.

Training Providers may need to clear the cache settings on their internet browsers to ensure that all the updates have been applied successfully.

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