Our colleagues share what makes Skills Development Scotland a great place to work.

Neil's Story

‘Working with a team of talented digital people is the best part of my role. We work to make our customer’s digital experience the best it can be – with the added value of knowing what we do can make a real difference to people's lives.’
Neil Byers, Digital Development Manager

I lead the internal team responsible for the design and development of SDS’s digital services, My World of Work and Apprenticeships.scot. We continuously look to solve user’s problems and deliver solutions that make their digital experience better. It’s a hugely satisfying way to spend your working day.

I graduated at a time when digital careers were beginning to emerge. I started working with some really innovative companies and found I had a passion for digital, in particular the positive change technology could make to people's lives.

Moving from private to public sector has been a great opportunity for me.  It’s given me the ability to bring some of the cutting edge thinking and technology I’ve learned from previous companies and put them to good use within SDS’s digital products.

Alex's story

"I believe in exploring opportunities and stepping outside my comfort zone – an approach I’ve been encouraged to take while developing my career at SDS."
Alex MacDonald, National Operations Executive

As a National Operations Executive I support front-line colleagues to deliver the best outcomes for our customers. It’s a varied role but not the one I started in. Over seven years I’ve worked in six roles and begun my career at SDS as a Careers Adviser in Dingwall.

What I look forward to most about my job is engaging with my colleagues. Whether it’s discussing techniques within professional practice or receiving constructive feedback, we work together to continuously improve our approach to career information, advice and guidance.

Throughout my development at SDS my colleagues and managers have consistently supported me to step outside my comfort zone. It’s seen me grow from a newly qualified Careers Adviser to working at a national level shaping and developing the service we offer customers.

Kirsteen's Story

'As a disabled employee, my experience at SDS has been very positive. They've always been supportive of my needs and continue to be an accessible place to work.'
Kirsteen Allison, NTP Equalities Advisor

I started out as a Careers Adviser after completing my Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance in 2003. What first struck me about the job was how enjoyable it was helping young people, particularly disabled young people, identify their strengths and pursue their dream career.

I’m now an Equalities Adviser leading on disability. My role involves advising employers and partners on the best ways to support disabled people to enter the workplace and become apprentices.

Discussing disability with your employer can seem a bit daunting but I’ve always had support from my manager and colleagues. Whether it’s SDS’s commitment to the Disability Confident scheme or the help I’ve received for assistive technology through Access to Work funding, I find SDS continues to be a supportive and accessible place to work.

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