Our colleagues share what makes Skills Development Scotland a great place to work.

Navid's Story

'I joined SDS as a disabled employee and have received tremendous support from my colleagues, my manager and everyone else within North Lanarkshire and have specialist equipment to support my abilities to work as a Careers Adviser.'
Navid Siddique, Careers Adviser

After facing redundancy, I decided to retrain as a Careers Adviser and completed my Qualification in Careers Guidance at University of Strathclyde. Within a few weeks of graduating, I secured my first job as a Careers Adviser in Glasgow.

I’ve now been employed as a Careers Adviser at SDS since 2016 and have enjoyed every second of my role. I support customers from 16 to 65-years-old who are care experienced, living with disabilities, low on confidence, lacking recent work history, New Scots living within North Lanarkshire and career changers.

My role involves assisting my customers to identify their strengths and learning needs. I also help them pursue their career aspirations to gain sustainable employment or qualifications to further their studies at college or university.

I’m able to continue enhancing my careers guidance practice through the SDS Academy training. I also share my knowledge with and support newly qualified Careers Advisers on a regular basis and link up with local partner organisations and communities all over North Lanarkshire. 

SDS is truly an exemplar employer and I encourage candidates to apply.

Neil's Story

‘Working with a team of talented digital people is the best part of my role. We work to make our customer’s digital experience the best it can be – with the added value of knowing what we do can make a real difference to people's lives.’
Neil Byers, Digital Development Manager

I lead the internal team responsible for the design and development of SDS’s digital services, My World of Work and Apprenticeships.scot. We continuously look to solve user’s problems and deliver solutions that make their digital experience better. It’s a hugely satisfying way to spend your working day.

I graduated at a time when digital careers were beginning to emerge. I started working with some really innovative companies and found I had a passion for digital, in particular the positive change technology could make to people's lives.

Moving from private to public sector has been a great opportunity for me.  It’s given me the ability to bring some of the cutting edge thinking and technology I’ve learned from previous companies and put them to good use within SDS’s digital products.

Joe's story

"It’s very hard to find an employer like Skills Development Scotland who take a vested interest in your career journey and offer as many opportunities for you to succeed."
Joe McCrystal, Careers Adviser

I left school at the age of 16 with a few qualifications and no clear vision of what career I wanted to pursue. After studying multimedia at college and working in retail for a few years, I secured a Modern Apprenticeship with SDS in Business Administration for the Operations team. Looking back, it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

During my time at SDS, I’ve completed my apprenticeship, worked as a Business Analyst and achieved the Careers Guidance Qualification at University.

It’s very hard to find an employer like Skills Development Scotland who take a vested interest in your career journey and offer as many opportunities for you to succeed.

I’m now working as a School Careers Adviser sharing my experiences with pupils to help support their career journey and guiding them to make positive decisions about their future.