Working closely with schools and employers to forge links between the classroom and the world of work.

My World of Work has a specific partner area that includes resources developed with teachers. The resources are for education professionals to use with their pupils to develop their career management skills:

  • Activities are designed to meet a range of experiences and outcomes which are set out in Building the Curriculum 4
  • The resources support teachers to deliver the ‘I can’ statements defined by the Career Education Standard
  • They fit with the recommendations of Developing the Young Workforce

Subject lesson inserts

The one-page format, developed with teachers, is designed to make learning more relevant to the wider world of work.

Activities are in the form of individual or group exercises, worksheets, class discussion, homework and a careers wall, with the aim of inspiring teachers to create their own inserts.

The inserts:

  • Help to show the relevance of lessons for possible future careers
  • Use live up-to-date careers intelligence
  • Easily introduce careers information to lessons without having to be an expert
  • Help pupils make connections between classroom learning and the world of work
  • Develop young people’s career management skills
  • Spark informed discussion on careers from an early age in school and at home

My World of Work Ambassadors

Ambassadors are school pupils who volunteer to act as champions for My World of Work, helping spread the word of the resources available.

By volunteering, they also gain valuable experience and skills that are transferable to the world of work.

Resources for primary school teachers

Activities have been created with teachers to use throughout the second level of primary school. They support delivery of the Career Education Standard and introduce Career Management Skills.

The activities also support the use of the online interactive tools for primary pupils. 


What's next?

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