Our work with colleges includes the delivery of high-quality professional learning for practitioners and the provision of learning and teaching resources to support the embedding of career education


Professional learning workshops

The suite of professional learning workshops focuses on building awareness, knowledge and understanding in relation to the following themes:

  • Skills – knowledge, competencies and abilities that are developed through life, study and work experiences to perform operational tasks.
  • Labour market information (LMI) - data on supply (people and qualifications) and demand (jobs and industries) from the past and present which helps us better understand labour market change.
  • Career management skills (CMS) - the skills that enable people to understand who they are and what they’re good at, explore what they want to work towards and who can help them take those steps

If practitioners can embed these key themes into day-to-day learning, this will help learners build on and understand their capabilities and further develop their aspirations to make informed learning and careers choices as they progress through their personal learner journeys.

Integrating career education professional learning with the use of MyWoW skills tools and profile can be used to develop a continuous and progressive 3-18+ skills ‘learner journey’ approach. 

My World of Work has a dedicated area for college professionals where practitioners can hear from colleagues within the sector and access resources, including one which shows the links between How Good Is Our College and the use of My World of Work.

The SDS Education team has adopted the Learner Journey Approach to help embed effective career education. 

The approach supports partners in key sectors working with learners from an early age, throughout their education and beyond to identify, capture and articulate their skills development to help them enter and thrive in the future, uncertain and volatile world of work.  

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Collaborative opportunities

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