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Coming soon - Skills Toolkit

A key part of the SDS Education team’s role is supporting local authorities, schools, colleges and other practitioners to work towards meeting the expectations of the Career Education Standard.    

One area where we have seen increasing demand for support is with the embedding of skills across the whole curriculum. A crucial element of this is the development and use of a common shared skills vocabulary.      

‘The development of skills is essential to learning and education to help young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.’ (Building the Curriculum 4)  

To support the development and visibility of skills, the SDS Education team has started to scope out a piece of work that will lead to the creation of a comprehensive Skills Toolkit for practitioners, based on the SDS Skills 4.0 (meta-skills) framework. We are in the early stages of engaging with relevant partners and establishing tasks, timelines and interdependencies in what will be a very complex project. 

We anticipate that the toolkit will include a wide range of resources, providing guidance and support resources in the form of: progression frameworks, lesson plans, presentations, videos, posters etc. 

The initial phase of the toolkit is expected to be made available in Autumn 2021, with further phases being rolled out afterwards. 

If you would like to support the SDS Education team with this project or would like to share examples of any skills work you have developed for your school please email 

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