Research developed by Skills Development Scotland is shared through several knowledge exchange events.

These events aim to share the key insights and learning gathered from research across the SDS Sponsored PhD Programme, SDS Evaluation and Research and partner research. These events are vitally important as they provide an opportunity to show examples of the research undertaken and the impact it’s having, and explore how the findings are shared. 

Previous Knowledge Exchange events

Currently, there are four specific knowledge exchange events held with stakeholders each year.  

Find out more about each below, including details of the information shared at previous events.

The PhD Networking Event, hosted by Skills Development Scotland (SDS), gives delegates the chance to find out more about the work of SDS’s sponsored PhD students.

The last event was held on March 2019. The video below gives an overview of our 2018 Networking Event and the PhD Collaborative Programme. 

An online brochure about the event includes details of all the PhD students, their topics, supervisors and SDS sponsors. It is available here.


The event featured a poster competition, allowing the students to showcase the research undertaken so far as well as stimulate discussion and debate. 

Take a look at the winning posters below:

In collaboration with the Centre for Work-based Learning, a number of PRAXIS events are held each year with the aim of stimulating debate on current and emerging work-based learning issues in Scotland and providing a forum for discussion. 

2018 events

This year, two PRAXIS events have been held with Dr Anthony Mann (OECD) and Professor Ewart Keep (University of Oxford’s SKOPE).  

Dr Anthony Mann led a session on the future of apprenticeships and work-based learning, drawing on insight from his extensive research in the field of Vocational Education Training. Dr Mann spoke about increasing aspirations and the attractiveness of VET, designing programmes to make them attractive to individuals and employers and the changing cohort of people who participate in VET and the barriers they face.

Visit the Centre for Work-based Learning website for more information on PRAXIS and the key messages from recent events. 

In collaboration with the Centre for Work-based learning (CWBL), SDS supports a series of Roundtable events to allow colleagues to contribute constructively and critically on research plans.   

The most recent events were hosted by the Impact workstream at the CWBL with attendees from Scottish Government, Scottish Funding Council and the University of Strathclyde. Attendees debated how best to measure the impact of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland. Discussions included: 

  • What are the main aims of Modern Apprenticeships? 
  • Which group should we compare Modern Apprentices to in our analysis? 
  • What possibilities are there for data linkage in Scotland? 
  • How do we measure the ‘soft’ outcomes? 
  • What are the benefits of Apprenticeships to employers? 
  • How should we use this analysis? 

You can read more about the event  here. 

“The Roundtable brought together some of the foremost experts in Scottish economic affairs, along with senior figures from Government and industry. The group reaffirmed the importance of work-based learning to the future prosperity of our country and agreed the approach which should be taken to fully evaluate the economic and social benefits of apprenticeships. This important event has done vital ground work which will shape our research activity over the coming months.” 

-David Coyne, Director of the Centre for Work Based Learning 



The Student Seminar Series is an opportunity for the SDS PhD students to come together and discuss their ongoing research.

The seminars are led by one of our PhD students, providing a safe environment to present their research to date and invite feedback and questions from fellow students.

It also provides an opportunity for the students to network, exchange ideas and develop links between related topics, maximising the contribution the PhD students are making to policy with relevant academic research.

Schedule for academic year 2021/2022

September, Marina Milosheva 

PhD Title: Career Information Literacy and Decision-making Behaviours of Young People 

November, Roisin Dooley-Nealis 

PhD Title: Entrepreneurialism in Work (EiW): Its Forms, Requisite Skills and Enabling Organisational Factors 

January, Cara Nethery 

PhD Title: Labour Market Outcomes for Ethnic Minority People in Scotland: Do School Subject Choices and University Choice Matter? 

March, Anya Kaufman 

PhD Title: Creating Sustainable Communities Through the Development of Skills