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Local Employability Partnership

Skills Development Scotland has created this resource to support our Local Employability Partners (LEPs) when designing bespoke local services to help people into learning and employment.

It brings together labour market information and intelligence, along with other key resources that will help you to design employability services that are focused on the needs and aspirations of your community. 



Publication Date 



16+ Data Hub 


The 16+ Data Hub is a critical tool that enables the safe and secure transfer of data between several key data-sharing partners and forms a key part of the Post-16 Education (Scotland) Act 2013. 

These key partners include Skills Development Scotland, Local Authorities, Colleges, The Student Awards Agency for Scotland, the Scottish Funding Council, and the  Department for Work and Pensions. 

The shared dataset which can be accessed through the 16+ Data Hub by Local Authorities and Colleges includes young people aged 16-24. 


NTP Equality Data 

February 2022 

To review equality data for apprenticeships and the Employability Fund, please see: 


Annual Participation Measure for 16- 19-year-olds in Scotland 






Monthly Participation Snapshot for 16- to 19-year-olds








Monthly from November - May 

All participation statuses for 16-19-year-olds in Scotland over one calendar year (1st April - 31st March). 

The Annual Participation Measure also includes detailed supplementary tables which a deeper analysis and time-series across a significant number of categories e.g. gender, age, SIMD 





The interactive report below provides an overview of the participation status of 16 and 19  

These publications are provided in the format of Power BI reports enabling easy navigation and analysis of the data 







Regional Skills Assessments (RSAs) 

July 21 

RSA provide a coherent evidence base to inform future investment in skills, built up from existing datasets and forecasts. 



RSA Data Matrix  


The RSA Data Matrix is an interactive tool, offering data from a variety of sources:  

Skills Supply; 

Skills Demand; 

Skills Mismatches: 


Economy, People and Skills 


Labour Market Insights, providing succinct and up-to-date evidence on the impact on Scotland’s economy, business, and people. 


PACE Client Experience Survey 









The last survey was published 30/09/22 and available on 




This report details findings from research into the experiences of clients receiving redundancy support services through PACE.  




The findings are then integrated into the PACE Continuous Improvement Action Plan and the development of the PACE partnerships.

Every 2 years sector

Sector Skills Assessments 

Last updated November 2022

The Sectoral Skills Assessments (SSA’s) look at current and future skills demand in the Key Sectors across Scotland. The Assessments focus on the economy, employment, vacancies, job openings, and current and future demand.