There are certain bodies which identify the need for new apprenticeships or to develop existing apprenticeships, to make sure they meet the needs of employers.

This may include: Sector Skills Councils (SSC); sector skills organisations (SSO) and apprenticeship developers who consult with SDS. 

If you have developed an apprenticeship framework that needs approved by the Apprenticeship Approvals Group (AAG), please follow the guidelines and submissions timetable below 

All submissions should include: 

The Submission will be reviewed by the AAG Sub-group in the first instance, with feedback given from this group before full submission to the Apprenticeship Approvals Group.  

Submission Deadlines

AAG Meeting

AAG Sub Group

Submission Deadline to Sub Group

6th August

23rd July

9th July

3rd September

20th August

6th August

1st October

17th September

3rd September

5th November

22nd October

8th October

3rd December

19th November

5th November