Individual Training Accounts offer targeted funding which focuses funds on those actively seeking employment and those who are currently in low paid work and looking to progress.

The scheme was designed with the Scottish Government’s Labour Market Strategy in mind and aims to support employability and better contribute to the economy.


As the target for 2018/19 has been exceeded, Individual Training Account funding is now closed to new applicants and it is anticipated they will reopen in April 2019, subject to budget approval.  

No new applications or bookings can be made until that date, although any existing bookings which are verified in the FIPS system can still be claimed.  

For further information please email 

Any customers interested in funding for next year can register their interest at My World of Work 

Read our Individual Training Account FAQs here.  

Using the Course Management Tool

Our Course Management Tool (CMT) allows registered training providers to upload their ITA approved courses online – you don’t need to download any software and courses appear immediately on My World of Work.

FIPS Registration

Registered training providers use the SDS Finance and Information Processing System (FIPS) to assign learners to courses and to claim funding for those learners.

ITA applications will be processed through FIPS and SDS will take on responsibility for payments to providers.

From 1 November 2017, training providers across all programmes will be required to pay for the FIPS licenses.  When approved as an ITA provider, further information will be available on this payment.

Find out more about the ITA processes that take place on FIPS

Register a participant on FIPS - How to process learners’ ITA applications, verify their proof of income and book them onto your courses using FIPS.

Cancelling ITA assignments on FIPS - How to cancel learners’ bookings individually and in bulk using FIPS.

Making and managing claims for ITA funding on FIPS - How to raise claims for payment on FIPS, plus how to view and amend claims you have previously raised.

FIPS login guidance - Detailed instructions on logging in to FIPS.

Finding and understanding information on FIPS - Further information on the meanings of different statuses on FIPS and how to use some of its more advanced functionality.

Video Guides

Creating a custom viewHow to create a custom view for your assignments

Introduction to FIPS & Sign OnAn introduction to the Funding Information and Processing System (FIPS) the benefits of the new system and how to log on.

 Get in touch

If you’ve got a question about Individual Training Accounts please consult the training documents above. If you need further assistance please complete the FIPS support form.