Use FIPS to administer and claim payments for Modern, Foundation and Graduate Apprenticeships, Employability Fund, ITA and SERI participants.

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To maximise the benefits of FIPS, check you have the minimum technical specification and have set up the correct user permissions.

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FIPS Licensing

FIPS is a cloud-based solution from Microsoft which will always have the latest features available providing best value for SDS and its customers.  It also requires an annual licence fee for each user. 

Training Providers will be invoiced for the period from 01-04-19 to 31-03-20.  The cost of this will be £271.83 per year (inc. VAT) per user (£16.52 – April + £23.21 – May - March).  This is a one off payment charged at the beginning of the financial year.  Any additional licences requested throughout the year will incur a licence fee from the month of creation to March 2020.  This will be at a rate of £23.21 (inc. VAT) per month.   

Training Providers should have requested the correct number of licences as they will not be able to obtain a refund for licences. Should providers have a change of staff they will be able to effectively “exchange” a licence for a different user without additional charge by notifying SDS of the changes using the FIPS User Request Form – In Year Additions and Amendments form below.

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FIPS Modern Apprenticeship Focus Group

Below are the Terms of Reference and Minutes for the FIPS MA Focus Group.