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Recommendation 7: Digital enablement, empowerment and engagement

Enhanced digital services and online tools should be developed that present information about the world of work in an inspiring and accurate way.   

I find digital information and activities more inspiring, current, relevant and self-explanatory.

- The outcome of this change for a young person using career services

Why has this been recommended? What did the evidence say? 

  • There is considerable scope to refine and develop a range of digital tools to deliver career services to enhance those that are already available  
  • It is a cluttered digital landscape with duplication of services, funding and content 
  • My World of Work is consistently referenced as positive practice within Education Scotland reviews of CIAG services 
  • My World of Work is one of the most heavily accessed youth digital services in Scotland (over 1.4 million users per year). Despite this, young people said that digital services and tools: 
    • can be challenging to navigate and are not always intuitive, self-explanatory or presented in familiar or accessible ways  
    • don’t always make the world of work digestible, or allow them to explore it in a way that makes sense  
    • don’t always help them build their skills, habits and agency to curate their own intelligence about the world of work 
    • are not always well integrated with face-to-face delivery. 
  • Many young people are excluded by lack of equipment, skills, access to broadband and a place where they can use digital tools with some privacy. 
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 The change 

  • Wide range of innovative digital tools provide immersive and engaging career experiences and services aligned to the Career Development Model 
  • Digital technology connects people to the right support at the right time, in ways which are highly personalised, relevant and engage local communities 
  • Digital services are easy to access and seamlessly integrated with face-to-face delivery 
  • They provide the highest levels of trust and allow people to own their data 
  • Public investment in digital technology is systemic, fully realised and has no duplication. 

How it addresses inequalities 

Through the development of inclusive, accessible digital services and tools all people  can access inspiring, trusted and relevant content. This is complemented with access to professionally qualified, impartial one-to-one support to use, navigate and process information. 

Download the Career Review Equality Impact Assessment 

What happens next? 

The Career Review Implementation Plan will:  

  • detail how a national roadmap of digital development will be created to produce personalised services based on changing customer need building on the existing digital offer 
  • detail arrangements for creating a ‘digital governance group’ that builds on the partnership agreement between SDS and DYW, that delivers simplification of the learner and employer journey. 

The Career Review Implementation Plan and Target Operating Model will detail: 

  • how a common access point will be established to make it easy to navigate both digital and face-to-face services and understand how they complement each other 
  • how a method of allowing young people to own and be in control of their own data will be developed, ensuring digital services follow people through their development 
  • how solutions that allow data to be shared and consistent across digital services will be developed – including personal data and information related to the world of work.

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