Working with young people and stakeholders, the Career Review has co-designed ten evidence-based recommendations.

These recommendations are far reaching and cover the full career ‘ecosystemʼ. If adopted and implemented as a whole, and properly resourced, they will deliver a fundamental transformation of Scotland's career services.

The recommendations were guided by a set of five design principles, these are also based on evidence, including international best practice and describe the the broad areas that provide opportunity for change.

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Careers by Design: Recommendations

Each of the 10 recommendations are listed below, learn more about each by clicking the 'find out more' link. 

Recommendation 1: A new career development model

A simple model should be established that defines career services, bringing definition to the variety of career services across Scotland.

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Recommendation 2: Developing skills and habits essential for the future world of work

Career education and services should be designed to develop, recognise and accredit the skills and habits essential for the future world of work.

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Recommendation 3: Creating person centred career services

Individuals should be involved in identifying what they need from career services based on their own circumstances and context, which leads to a flexible and personalised service.

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Recommendation 4: Experiential career education

There should be dedicated curriculum time for experiential work-related learning in all settings.

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Recommendation 5: Community-based services

Career services should be delivered within communities in a way that is aligned to social justice values and provides access to consistent national services.

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Enabling recommendation 6: Exposure to fair work

People should have a right to have a wide range of meaningful opportunities to experience work and understand what fair work is.

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Enabling recommendation 7: Digital enablement, empowerment and engagement

Enhanced digital services and online tools should be developed that present information about the world of work in an inspiring and accurate way.

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Enabling recommendation 8: Clear roles for the delivery of career services

Where appropriate, the roles across career services should be defined to deliver the career development model in a coherent way.

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Enabling recommendation 9: Strengthening evaluation and continuous improvement

The effectiveness and impact of the whole career system should be measured using a suite of outcome-based measures that are integrated in all settings, supporting the delivery of responsive and flexible services.

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Enabling recommendation 10: Creating a career services coalition

A coalition should be established that ensures the implementation of the Reviewʼs recommendations and the coherence of career services across Scotland, where young people, practitioners, employers and stakeholders are represented.

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