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Recommendation 2: Developing skills and habits essential for the future world of work

Career education and services should be designed to develop, recognise and accredit the skills and habits essential for the future world of work.

I can describe, and I am developing, a set of skills for the world of work that will help me manage my career.

- The outcome of this change for a young person using career services

Why has this been recommended? What did the evidence say? 

  • One-third of UK jobs are predicted to disappear or change due to automation over the next 10 to 15 years 
  • Machines will learn to carry out technical tasks and artificial intelligence will enable global sharing of knowledge  
  • Climate change and the transition to net zero carbon will be accompanied by increasingly complex challenges and opportunities across the economy 
  • The boundaries between jobs and industries will continue to blur with jobs continuing to emerge and evolve 
  • Young people and those supporting them will need the skills to thrive in a rapidly changing labour market
  • The current system doesn’t reflect the pace of change in the world of work 
  • Young people often lose out to older, overqualified peers in the competition for jobs. 

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The change 

  • Career education and services are designed to develop, recognise and accredit the skills and habits that help people make informed choices, adapt and respond to the changing labour market 
  • Skills are given currency, and the development of the skills to manage a career and thrive in the world of work are a cornerstone of all learning, education and employment related support. 

How will it address inequalities?

Collaborating with individuals throughout their own unique journey will offer diverse and equitable experiences, enabling the development of skills and career habits that help them thrive in the future. 

Download the Career Review Equality Impact Assessment 

What happens next? 

The Career Review Implementation Plan and Target Operating Model will: 

  • detail the suite of on and offline tools to be developed that support experiential learning, reflection and assessment of skills in all educational settings to enable the individual to understand the skills they have, and the skills they need to develop 
  • identify the resource that will be required to develop tools, models and approaches to support the implementation of this recommendation and to ensure continuous improvement. 

Realising the full impact of this recommendation will be dependent on its alignment with the outcome of the Scottish Government considerations of the OECD recommendations on Curriculum for Excellence and any proposed reform of curriculum and assessment in the senior phase. 

Career Review

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