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Recommendation 10: Creating a career services coalition

A coalition should be established that ensures the implementation of the Review’s recommendations and the coherence of career services across Scotland, where young people, practitioners, employers and stakeholders are represented.

I have a say in how services are developed and delivered in a way that benefits me.

- The outcome of this change for a young person using career services

Why has this been recommended? What did the evidence say? 

  • Stressed the importance of aligning and integrating career strategy and services to other policy areas and public services 
  • Career services are currently referenced in 24 Scottish or UK Government policies and/or strategies. There is no overarching approach to managing these  
  • There is a lack of clarity on funding streams and high diversity in localised activities; this creates a challenge for devising effective forms of national collaboration and effective implementation 
  • There is limited evidence of coordinated systems at a national level. The system is little more than the sum of its parts 
  • Local authorities play a key role in employability activities via Community Planning Partnerships which are linked to Local Outcome Improvement Plans and include Local Employability Partnerships. 

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Career Review Icons 10

The change 

  • A coalition of delivery organisations, service users, practitioners and employers take forward the recommendations together 
  • The coalition ensures the recommendations are delivered, and that implementation is co-designed with users and stakeholders 
  • The coalition is led and supported by SDS, with collective ownership and accountability across its members for implementation, change management and continuous improvement 
  • Young people and other stakeholders are involved in decision-making and continue to shape future services 
  • The careers and teaching workforce and their trade unions are valued and engaged partners in the change process required, and in continuing to shape future services. 

How it addresses inequalities 

The coalition ensures that equality, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of career services, informed and represented by individuals with lived experience of all protected characteristics, key organisations and inclusive, fair work employers and trade unions. 

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What happens next? 

The Career Review Programme Board will: 

  • devise proposals for the creation of a representative, cross-system Career Service Coalition that includes users, practitioners and employers, including its governance and support arrangements 
  • act as the means through which the career ecosystem can influence wider policy developments, such as the National Strategy for Economic Transformation and senior phase curriculum and assessment reforms, to ensure that the Review’s recommendations align with them. This role will be assumed by the Career Service Coalition when established. 

In devising proposals for a Career Service Coalition, the Career Review Programme Board will set out: 

  • how the Coalition will create a clearly defined purpose and objective for career services in Scotland 
  • how the Coalition will engage the voices of users, practitioners, employers and international best practice to inform the co-design of services and form part of their evaluation. 


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