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Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is committed to providing robust evidence on the labour market in order to help inform policy direction and investment.

As part of that commitment, SDS has developed a report providing succinct and up-to-date evidence on the impact on Scotland’s economy, people and skills.

The SDS COVID-19 Labour Market Insights produced throughout the pandemic became a valued resource for a broad range of partners, stakeholders and employers, providing the latest evidence of how the disruption affected Scotland’s economy, its businesses and its people.

The data has helped provide a sharp focus on the economy and cost of living during this period of uncertainty.

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Having an accurate, detailed and up-to-date evidence base is crucial in developing policy, and SDS is committed to ensuring this data is available and accessible. As a result, SDS will continue to provide a monthly resource on Scotland’s economy, people and skills.

The report is produced using published data and gathering of insight from lead economic and labour market experts. SDS is also using real-time data to inform this work.



This evidence will be used by SDS to help inform and shape its service offer in conjunction with Scottish Government and partners including the enterprise and skills agencies, local authorities, employers, industry groups, training providers and trade unions.
The report will be published on a monthly basis and will continue to provide up-to-date information on sectors and regions, and also summarise key challenges in each of these areas.