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South Lanarkshire - School Engagement

Skills Development Scotland and South Lanarkshire Council have worked collaboratively to engage directly with schools to highlight the importance of effective data sharing.

The sharing of data via the 16+ Data Hub helps schools to better understand the intended and actual destinations of their young people; and is crucial with helping to ensure that the right support for school pupils is in place. Effective data sharing also enables partners to quickly identify and engage with a young person who has not secured a positive destination after leaving school.

The provision of Anticipated Leave Dates helps to ensure that the right support is targeted at the right young people, the overall numbers of anticipated leavers can be used to support the broader ambitions of the Opportunities for All partners. Information on Preferred Routes can also support planning discussions on the various routes that young people are looking to take, including Further Education, Higher Education, Modern Apprenticeship or employment. The Preferred Occupation information can help target who to involve and engage with for careers events and employer engagement to help young people be better prepared for the world of work.

South Lanarkshire Council and SDS have a very close working relationship. Barbara-Jane McIntyre, South Lanarkshire Council’s Youth Employability Co-ordinator is a strong advocate of the 16+ Data Hub and has worked closely with colleagues from the SDS National Data Sharing Team.

To build on the current good practice and provide a more detailed insight to the 16+ Data Hub reports, a Partnership Engagement workshop for deputy head teachers in South Lanarkshire was organised. The session provided a strategic overview of the 16+ Data Hub and data sharing, as well as a practical session exploring ways that schools could utilise the 16+ Data Hub reports to assist with their school improvement plan and their curriculum planning.

Attendees were provided with their own individual access to the 16+ Data Hub to help further embed the learning and practical uses. SDS and South Lanarkshire Council continue to work collaboratively across a broader partnership to ensure young people are effectively supported with their career management skills and their broader learner journey.

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