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South Lanarkshire College

Being able to help students with learning difficulties sooner and more effectively could be a key benefit of information sharing, according to one of Scotland's colleges.

Angus Allan, depute principal of South Lanarkshire College, explains: "At the moment, we know if students have complex learning disabilities when they come to us from school, but we may not be aware of other difficulties, such as mild dyslexia, until the student gets here and self-refers for support."

Being able to access information from Skills Development Scotland and partners through the Data-Hub will allow us to have information that flags young people who may require additional support sooner. That means we can take very early action to help the student get the most out of his or her learning journey.

Angus Allan

Depute Principal of South Lanarkshire College

Angus adds: "At the moment, we provide information on students who enrol and leave courses, but acting on information received from the hub is a positive next step for us. It has the potential to be extremely effective in helping us engage with students who have particular needs, who might otherwise be missed."

South Lanarkshire College, based in East Kilbride, has 6000 students from across the county and beyond. Its range of courses includes specialist construction programmes, offering courses up to Advanced Craft level across various trades.

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