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East Dunbartonshire – School Engagement

Effective partnership working has ensured that the 16+ Data Hub and its associated benefits are well understood and realised from an early stage across East Dunbartonshire.

This has resulted in East Dunbartonshire Council achieving high completion rates for Anticipated Leave Dates, Preferred Routes and Preferred Occupations.

To build on this success, colleagues from Skills Development Scotland engaged directly with school staff across East Dunbartonshire ensuring that awareness levels and usage of the 16+ Data Hub were maintained, further training was also provided as required.

An all-schools event was delivered, allowing a further opportunity to highlight the value and benefits of the 16+ Data Hub and the reports that are available. This event provided a platform to share good practice from data collection to data usage, with the overall aim of maintaining quality and accuracy of the data.

East Dunbartonshire Council continue to utilise the 16+ Data Hub on a regular basis and find it an extremely useful tool for supporting young people in school and post school.

Our data collection timeline ensures that the information on the 16+ Data Hub is accurate which is very important for the next stage.

Robert Dunsmuir

Deputy Head Teacher at Douglas Academy, East Dunbartonshire Council

Robert further summarises the approach: “we receive a number of calls from local businesses offering part-time or full-time employment. We are then able to target those pupils who have expressed an interest in this particular area of employment and quickly link them to the opportunity."

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