The SAAB Group Board (GB) is responsible for providing advice and making recommendations on the guiding principles, operational policy, systems, and structures supporting apprenticeships in Scotland. 

Its main responsibilities are: 

  • Strengthen employer input to, and endorsement of, the strategic direction of apprenticeships and work based learning pathways, ensuring that the supporting apprenticeship “system” meets the needs of industry
  • Ensure the alignment of apprenticeships with economic growth and job opportunities
  • Set and maintain the guiding principles for the core requirements of apprenticeship frameworks to achieve a competent, highly skilled, and flexible workforce
  • Inform and make recommendations on, and the priorities for, development and continuous improvement activities, including in the area of equalities
  • Provide advice on relevant matters affecting employers and on emerging policy which is likely to impact on the strategic direction of apprenticeships (e.g. the UK Apprenticeship Levy)
  • Act as the “custodian” for approved apprenticeship frameworks on behalf of industry 
  • Be ambassadors for apprenticeships with other businesses and young people 

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Meeting dates 2021/22

  • March 2022 tbc 

The group meets every six months with additional consultation on specific policy areas when needed. 

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