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Apprenticeship Approvals Group (AAG) Subgroup and secretariat

AAG subgroup

A subgroup of AAG (AAG Subgroup) acts as an access point for Sector Skills Councils (SSC) to receive advice and guidance before frameworks are submitted.

All frameworks and supporting documents will be reviewed by the subgroup prior to submission for approval to AAG. The AAG subgroup meets on a monthly basis and comprises of representatives from Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Government and SQA Accreditation, plus other stakeholders with expert knowledge of a particular sector, where appropriate.

AAG secretariat 

Responsibility for the secretariat of AAG is shared by Scottish Government, SDS and SQA Accreditation. The secretariat carries out a number of functions, including:

  • Liaising with SSCs through the framework submission and approval process

  • Responding to stakeholder enquiries about changes to the content of frameworks

  • Maintaining up to date frameworks guidance and information on the SDS website

  • Tracking and monitoring framework and qualification lapsing dates

  • Supporting the administration and organisation of AAG meetings.


For guidance for Sector Skills Councils or Standard Setting Organisations when developing new, or revising existing frameworks or for general Apprenticeship Approval Group enquiries please contact:

Nicola Conner, Business Support Executive, Standards & Frameworks
Tel: 0141 468 8019

General enquiries on career advice and guidance or funding options should be directed to the SDS helpline for individuals - 0800 917 8000.

General information on skills for employers should be directed to the employer helpline - 0800 783 6000.