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Our response

Our response

Against this challenging backdrop, the Scottish skills system must act urgently to ensure it maximises its contribution to generating inclusive growth, driving productivity, building prosperity, achieving a just transition to net zero and tackling social inequality.

Our vision is that: Scotland has an agile, dynamic, and employer-led skills and careers ecosystem which enables all people to develop the skills, adaptive resilience, and personal agency to thrive in a vibrant and inclusive labour market.

This vision is one for Scotland and cannot be achieved by SDS alone. We recommit to working with Scottish Government, agency colleagues, and actors across the whole of the skills and careers ecosystem to generate real change and achieve shared outcomes.

Our corporate goals

For each of our goals we have identified a corresponding customer commitment. These aim to explain how, by achieving our goals, we will be helping Scotland’s people to build the future they want.

Corporate Strategic Plan Corp Goals 1
Corporate Strategic Plan 42

Industry-focused skills

To address this need we will create learning opportunities that help our customers get into and progress in rewarding work so that they develop the skills and competencies that drive productive businesses and regions, and help create a fairer, more equal society.

The outcomes we want to achieve

  • People have more skills which are relevant to the Scottish economy
  • Apprentices progress in employment
  • Under-represented groups and people in poverty have improved apprenticeship participation and achievement rates
  • More working-age people access upskilling and retraining opportunities in priority sectors and occupations.

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Quotation from World Economic Forum (2022)

Corporate Strategic Plan 38

Inclusive talent pool

To respond to this we will help all our customers to adapt and thrive in the changing world of work, making sure they have the skills they need to prepare for, plan and manage rewarding careers throughout their lives.

The outcomes we want to achieve

  • Young people have improved participation and smoother post-school transitions
  • People facing redundancy remain in, or secure alternative, employment
  • More working-age people living in Scotland participate in the labour market
  • The working-age population in Scotland increases through the attraction and retention of talent
  • Scotland’s workforce better reflects the full diversity of the population.

Find out more about our goal - Inclusive talent pool
Quotation from Ernest and Young (2021)

Corporate Strategic Plan 37

Invested employers

We'll work with employers to make sure our customers get the best opportunities employers can offer.

The outcomes we want to achieve

  • Employers create more jobs in Scotland
  • Employers provide more in-work training to their staff
  • Employers adopt and further develop fair work practices
  • Employers receive more coherent, aligned and streamlined support from Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies.

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Quotation from Training Industry (2022)

Corporate Strategic Plan 40

Intelligence-led skills system

To help support an agile, responsive, resilient, and inclusive skills ecosystem that consistently delivers the skills the Scottish economy needs, we will work with our partners across Scotland to make sure the learning they do prepares them for rewarding work.

The outcomes we want to achieve

  • Scotland’s employers experience fewer skills gaps and skills shortages
  • Reskilling and upskilling opportunities are more flexible and accessible in Scotland
  • Partners and stakeholders increasingly use career and labour market intelligence to inform decisions on learning provision and other service delivery
  • The ambition of the Shared Outcomes Framework between SDS and the SFC is delivered.

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Quotation from OECD (2020) 

Corporate Strategic Plan 43

Impactful organisation

We remain committed to maximising return on investment, collaborating to deliver better outcomes and experiences for our customers, colleagues, and the economy and will be clear on how we’re using public money, to make sure it’s delivering for our customers.

The outcomes we want to achieve

  • SDS uses data to effectively drive decisions
  • SDS has increased productivity
  • SDS has a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture
  • SDS remains an employer of choice, attracting, developing and retaining talent
  • SDS demonstrates improved public value and return on investment.

Find out more about our goal - Impactful organisation
Quotation from EFQM (2022)

Our response

How we'll work with partners to help shape Scotland's skills ecosystem.

Our response

Skills for a Changing World

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