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Apprentice Cosima puts all her energy into developing renewables

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Outgoing apprentice Cosima Kramer-Lomax is making a name for herself in renewables by becoming the face of her company and educating new talent to tackle the climate emergency. 

When new apprentices arrive at RI Cruden, a renewable energy firm in Inverness, one of the first things they see is a video of Cosima. 

The pink-haired Modern Apprentice talks the fresh faces through a day in the life of a trainee with the fast-growing company that installs heat pumps and solar panels across the Highlands and beyond. 

Cosima Kramer-Lomax
RI Cruden 2

The 19-year-old loves her work and her enthusiasm jumps out of the screen. Cosima explained: “I do something different every day on my apprenticeship. It’s never the same install or the same job.” 

Cosima knew she wanted to do something with her hands while she was still a pupil at Charleston Academy in Inverness but thought it might be joinery or cabinet making. She was on work experience at a building firm when she spotted an advert for the plumbing and heating Modern Apprenticeship at RI Cruden. 

Since successfully applying for her apprenticeship two years ago, Cosima has worked on everything from the redevelopment of Inverness Castle to small domestic heating jobs. She volunteered to help RI Cruden electricians install solar panels to learn more about that technology. 

She has even helped to develop a blueprint for technical education based on her Modern Apprenticeship, to bring on more renewables engineers for the Highlands and Islands region.  

Cosima’s efforts have been recognised as she has become a finalist in the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards Suporting Net Zero Apprentice of the Year category. 

I do something different every day on my apprenticeship. It’s never the same install or the same job.
Cosima Kramer-Lomax

Cosima Kramer-Lomax

Scottish Apprenticeship Awards nominee

Greg Matheson, Cosima’s supervisor, said that she is the perfect person to show new apprentices what their four years at RI Cruden might look like. 

He saw Cosima’s potential before she arrived for her interview. Greg explained: “Cosima’s CV stood out. She had already done courses with local companies - she had shown initiative before she’d even started with us. 

Cosima recalled: “At the beginning, I did not realise how much of my apprenticeship was contributing to tackling the climate emergency.  

“I was more drawn to the plumbing side as I had done a little in college.  

“Once I was aware of how involved renewable energy would be in my apprenticeship and I got into it, I realised how big it is. That committed me to keep going.” 

Cosima lives on a croft in Lochend, south of Inverness. “My family has been vegan for many years, we’ve always been recycling.  

"Once I started on renewables with Cruden on my apprenticeship it made sense for me to go in that direction in my career.” 

Cosima does her best to spread the word about renewable energy at college and in church. She said:“I'm still learning on my apprenticeship but when I know what I’m talking about, I love talking about it. I’m very slowly spreading the word.” 

Neil Foxcroft from Snipef oversees Cosima at college. He said: “Cosima’s confident, keen and motivated. She has already progressed further than her casework and she tries to apply what she has learned on site. 

“Renewables is the area Cosima’s driving towards and she is excelling.” 

Cosima was not phased by being the only female apprentice in her intake.  

She’s now been joined by two more female apprentices, one on the tools and another in accounting.  

Another comment from Greg about Cosima as an apprentice and contribution to the business – great role model for young people and females in the industry, getting involved in important projects. 

Cosima plans to continue installing renewable heating systems for the foreseeable future. “Renewables are constantly evolving. 

“Everyone’s very supportive when I come on site, I’ve dyed pink hair and people always recognise me. I absolutely love it.” 

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The winner of the Supporting Net Zero Apprentice category will be revealed during Scottish Apprenticeship Week, which takes place from 4 to 8 March.

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