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Apprentice Callan offers concrete benefits for Kilmac

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Apprentice Callan Dalrymple has boosted profits and cut costs at civil engineering firm Kilmac. 

After completing a civil engineering Foundation Apprenticeship at St John’s Academy, Perth, alongside his Highers, the 20-year-old was inspired to progress to the Modern Apprenticeship following a presentation by Kilmac at Perth College.  


Callan was successful in applying for Kilmac’s apprenticeship and quickly grasped the technical aspects of his role. His ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical tasks has also set him apart from his peers.  

When Callan faced challenges he sought guidance but also came up with innovative solutions, boosting revenue for the firm and reducing costs by improving efficiency. 

Having researched different types of concrete for a project, Callan suggested a design change which enabled Dundee firm Kilmac to use fibre reinforced concrete instead of traditional metal reinforcement, saving the company money. 

Callan, from Perth, said: “A Modern Apprenticeship gives you the skills and experience to be successful and your role evolves, so you take on more complex tasks and responsibilities as you progress. 

“The apprenticeship really helped build my confidence.” 

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Callan gained a wide range of skills including technical skills, industry and product knowledge, as well as meta skills like leadership, teamwork and problem solving during his Modern Apprenticeship. 

He also learned how to use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to create and modify engineering drawings and apply problem solving skills to address technical challenges as they arose during construction. 

His resilience and continuous pursuit of excellence mean that he is seen as a natural leader and he is now trusted to run his own contract in Perth, where he lives.  

Callan’s achievements have led to him being a finalist in the Modern Apprentice of the Year Level 6+ category of the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards. 

Callan added: “Doing a Modern Apprenticeship is a great option for anyone who prefers practical, hands-on learning and being able to work and learn at the same time is the best of both worlds.” Modern Apprenticeships are jobs open to anyone aged 16 and over who wants to work, learn and earn. 

Modern Apprentices spend most of their time learning in the workplace while being supported by a local college or specialist training provider to gain an industry recognised qualification. Callan is now hoping to progress on to a Graduate Apprenticeship. 

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Kilmac Marketing Manager Lauren Pratt said: “Callan’s performance was exceptional, and he consistently exceeded expectations. 

“He approached every task with enthusiasm and dedication, demonstrated a strong commitment to learning and mastering his trade and showcased a remarkable work ethic and passion for the industry. 

“Apprenticeships are an excellent way to develop and foster talent within our organisation and we are committed to investing in them.” 

The winner of the Modern Apprentice of the Year Level 6+ category will be revealed during Scottish Apprenticeship Week, which takes place from 4 to 8 March.

Find out more about the award finalists and the event by visiting