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23 May 2023

Investing in the future finance workforce


Scottish pupils will get a crash course in the stock market with a new game developed in partnership by Scottish Financial Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland.

The new activity will be offered in schools as part of My World of Work Live, a national programme delivered by Skills Development Scotland which provides fun, experiential work-related lessons to help young people understand future careers. 

Pupils across Scotland will be given a virtual £1,000 to invest in a digital stock market. They must decide what industries and companies to invest in and monitor their portfolio, making decisions on when to buy and sell, whilst navigating unpredictable markets. Players are challenged to maximise their investment to score a top spot on the national leader board.

The game is launched today alongside Scottish Financial Enterprise’s (SFE) new A Future in Finance initiative. This new education programme aims to attract more young people into financial services careers by inspiring, enabling and breaking stereotypes about opportunities available in the sector in Scotland.

Mywow Live
Sandy Begbie Headshot

Sandy Begbie CBE, Chief Executive Officer of SFE, said: "We are pleased to support the launch of this latest instalment on Classroom Clash, which will be a key part of how we inspire young people about careers in finance, by giving them fun, interactive learning experiences.

The game complements our new Future in Finance programme, launched this week, by demonstrating the different ways the financial system works and the roles different financial service providers play within it, and helping players develop the digital skills that are so important in today’s industry. We look forward to using the game to encourage young people to consider the huge number of opportunities in Scotland’s financial services industry"

Chris Brodie, Director of Regional Skills Planning and Sector Development is thrilled to see this new game delivered in classrooms. He said,

“A recent review of Scotland’s career services called for enhanced digital services and experiential learning that presents information about the world of work in a fun and engaging way.

Partnering with industry leaders such as Scottish Financial Enterprise to design practical learning activities using expert insight and new technologies, ensures that young people are inspired to learn about careers and industries they previously haven’t considered.”

The new game is offered as part of Classroom Clash – an interactive mini-game quiz tournament which aims to teach young people about the world of work through gameplay.

You can find out more about the My World of Work Live programme and Classroom Clash can be booked by schools by contacting