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Acting on climate change through funded learning

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Acting as a champion in environmental and social governance in her organisation inspired Hollie Lawson to get Carbon Literate certified.

Corporate Development Director at ICR, Hollie completed Climate Emergency Training with Keep Scotland Beautiful in August 2022. The free course, which offers participants the opportunity of Carbon Literacy certification, is supported by Skills Development Scotland (SDS).

Hollie said: “I didn’t anticipate the interactive element of the training. We had the opportunity to discuss what we were learning and consider the different applications across various scenarios. I enjoyed those discussions because candidates came from diverse backgrounds in various industries so there was a range of useful perspective.

“The course drives home the urgency of the crisis we’re facing – we looked at different communities and the changes that will impact them as a result of global warming - and it empowers you to take action.”


Hollie Lawson Pic
I think everyone in Scotland should be compelled to take Carbon Literacy training as the effects of climate change are impacting on all of us, and it’s happening now

Hollie Lawson

Corporate Development Director at ICR

Anyone living and working in Scotland, over the age of 25, can take part in the training.

It’s aimed at individuals and organisations in the early stages of considering climate change impacts and planning for net zero. As well as general courses, there is specific training for those working in energy, construction and transport.

All the courses cover the science of the climate emergency, responses to it and the risks, impacts, responsibilities and opportunities ahead.

ICR is a global service provider of repair, inspection and integrity solutions across sectors, including oil and gas. Hollie is already using her training day to day and is looking to send colleagues on the Carbon Literacy training to further embed the knowledge within the organisation.

The training consists of eight hours of learning delivered online, using a combination of two live sessions and self-study activities.

She said: “It’s not a huge time commitment and there are multiple benefits. I also found the module work complemented my day job as I could bring learning to real examples in my organisation.”

Catherine Gee, Deputy Chief Executive for Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: “The time for action on climate change is now and everyone living and working in Scotland has a role to play in hitting our ambitious climate targets.   Our Climate Emergency Training offers a practical and immediate start on doing just that.

“Through our partnership with the Carbon Literacy Project participants can achieve Carbon Literate certification, and by selecting a personal and a group action to reduce carbon emissions can help their workplaces towards combatting climate change too.

“Participants will find the training empowers them to take practical action on climate change and develop skills and experience they can apply in the workplace, no matter what their role or what level of an organisation they work at.”

Jenny MacDonald, Sector Development Manager with SDS,said: “Working with individuals and organisations across the country to future-proof their skills and prepare for a low carbon Scotland is a vital part of SDS’s work as part of the Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan.

“Easily accessible courses like this, which provide support for businesses and staff to help tackle the impacts of climate change, are key to our move to net zero.”

Hollie added: “We all understand that the climate emergency is happening, and that we need to take action across all aspects of our lives, but this training raises that understanding to the next level and drives it home.

“I think everyone in Scotland should be compelled to take Carbon Literacy training as the effects of climate change are impacting on all of us, and it’s happening now.”

Climate Emergency Training is provided by Keep Scotland Beautiful and you can find out more and book your place at