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Anna champions apprenticeships

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Anna Mccormack

Six years ago, Anna McCormick almost cancelled her interview for a Modern Apprenticeship.

She has now long since moved on, completing a Modern Apprenticeship and progressing onto a Graduate Apprenticeship, and is determined to share the benefits of work-based learning as far and wide as she can.

Finding your own path

Anna is in the final year of her Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) in Business Management with Microsoft, where she was able to transition straight from a Modern Apprenticeship (MA) in Digital Marketing with the company.

At secondary school, Anna was only ever given information about university. She heard about apprenticeships from a friend and decided to explore the option for herself. Anna contacted a learning provider, but feeling insecure about the prospect, she almost cancelled her interview with the provider. Looking back, she is delighted to have taken the leap.

“I couldn’t have made a better decision and I’m so happy I went for the apprenticeship”, Anna said.

“I’ve had the best start to my career and I get to have so many different experiences that other people my age don’t even have access to through study alone at uni or college.”

Creating opportunities for others

Her Modern Apprenticeship has given Anna a passion to continue her learning and the confidence to ask for more opportunities from her employer. She worked with Microsoft to become their first Graduate Apprentice in Scotland – opening up opportunities for others to follow in her footsteps. Microsoft have since employed two more GAs in Scotland.

Anna said: “When I first heard about Graduate Apprenticeships, I immediately knew they were the ideal next step for me. I researched the frameworks available and contacted universities myself to get more information. I then pitched the idea of me progressing onto a GA to my manager, who helped me secure the opportunity.”

It’s just great to get to share my voice and I want to encourage others to consider the apprenticeship route. All young people should be able to access a rewarding career like I have

Anna McCormick

Business Management Graduate Apprentice

Shouting about it

Anna has become a keen advocate for apprenticeships. She was one of the first members of the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board’s (SAAB’s) Apprentice Engagement Group – which gives current apprentices the chance to shape initiatives and promote apprenticeships to people considering work-based learning as a career path. 

Passionate about the positive impact doing an apprenticeship has had on her life, Anna takes every opportunity to share this with others, be it in talks at schools or in meetings with Ministers. She said: “It’s just great to get to share my voice and I want to encourage others to consider the apprenticeship route. All young people should be able to access a rewarding career like I have.”

Apprenticeships open doors

This summer, Anna will have a degree as well as six years of full-time work experience under her belt. Her passion lies in digital marketing, but she feels that her apprenticeship pathway has really prepared her for anything.

Anna said: “With a degree in Business Management, there are a lot of careers open to me. On top of that, I have been able to build relationships with senior leaders and got to know different parts of the business from an early stage due to my apprenticeship. I’m really excited about what my future holds.”

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