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23 December 2022

Statement on 2022-23 apprenticeship funding SDS statement on 2022-23 apprenticeship funding


Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is aware of concerns regarding the funding of Modern Apprenticeship training.

There is no freeze on funding for starts, and new apprenticeships continue to be registered.

The Scottish Government has undertaken an emergency budget review (EBR) to assess any and all opportunities to:

  • redirect additional resources to those most in need;

  • reduce the burdens on business;

  • and stimulate the Scottish economy.

SDS and other public sector bodies have been asked to make savings this year to enable Scottish Government to mitigate the cost crisis and balance budget. This means SDS will need to make difficult decisions about how to deliver on Ministerial commitments while managing within the budget constraints.

SDS will continue to deliver at least 25,000 new apprenticeship starts this financial year supporting business and individuals across Scotland, reallocating where possible under contract management arrangements. Given funding constraints, however, SDS will have to keep under review whether it can allocate any additional funding or starts – over and above the 25,000 – within this financial year