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Local & National Work

Partnerships that deliver

As a national organisation with a firm presence in communities across Scotland, SDS works with the Scottish government and other public bodies to shape and implement strategies that drive Scotland’s economic growth and social inclusion. 

Given our role at the heart of the skills system, partnership and collaboration are fundamental to what we do.

We work with a wide range of national and local partners to improve, align and integrate our services for customers. Our strategic engagement at both a national and local level, allows us to shape our delivery to meet local needs, informed by knowledge of best practice from across the country.

This combination of national strategic work with an extensive reach and the ability to shape and deliver services locally has been at the heart of our work since we were established. 

It ensures the flexibility to engage appropriately with partners and customers in response to changing demands.

Meeting local needs

With partnership working at the centre of what we do, our engagement at a local level enables us to shape our delivery to meet local needs.

Our relationships with local authorities and Community Planning Partnerships allow us to participate in developing Local Outcome Improvement Plans, and to ensure that our services and investments are joined up, contributing to the skills agenda locally.

To keep our local partners up to date on our local delivery we distribute Making Skills briefings in the summer and winter – which are available to view on each Local Area page.

We also actively work with all of Scotland’s Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce (DYW) groups helping them to connect businesses with education and help young people broaden their career aspirations.