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FIPS Video Guides: Scotland’s Employer Recruitment Initiative

In this section you'll find a series of FIPS training videos for use by Scotland’s Employer Recruitment Initiative training providers.

Video Guides

How to sign in and introduction - This video shows how to navigates the main page on FIPS.

How to complete a start and spend forecast - A forecast is required to be completed before your contract is activated to allow registration of participants.  

How to register a SERI participant - This video shows how to enter participant details on to a SERI contract.

How to update a SERI participant Record - This video shows how to how to amend participant details. Name, contact details, address for example.

How to update SERI Equalities information - This video shows how to update Equalities information if there is any changes required.

Change of circumstances for SERI participants - This video shows how to update date of birth, National Insurance number and start date.

How to make SERI claims - This video shows how to make milestone claims for your SERI contract.

How to add SERI Leaver Details - This video shows how to enter details for completers and early leavers.