Effective health and safety management is an essential requirement for all those involved in the delivery of Government funded National Training Programmes.

Managing safety effectively relies on development and implementation of systems and procedures. The Health and Safety team work closely with training providers responsible for the training of non-employed participants. Their role includes:

  • raising awareness of health and safety issues
  • making sure that training providers meet their legal obligations and duty of care to non-employed participants, and those dealing with non-employed participant have suitable and sufficient arrangements for participant health and safety
  • taking appropriate action where expected standards are not met or maintained
  • promoting the raising of standards for learner health and safety 

To help you manage safety in training and develop the capabilities and competencies of tomorrow's workforce, we have provided the following documents:

SDS Health and Safety NTP Monitoring Policy 

SDS Health and Safety NTP Responsibilities 

SDS Health and Safety NTP Guidance & Responsibilities - Providers 

SDS Health and Safety Questionnaire 

SDS Health and Safety Questionnaire - Guidance 

Health and Safety Work Placement Initial Assessment Checklist 

Health and Safety Training Provider Self Assessment

Health and Safety AF3 Participant Report of Accident / Disease 

SDS Accident Reporting Procedures 

Health and Safety Accident Report AF1

Health and Safety Accident Report AF1 - Guidance

Claiming Benefit for an Accident on an Approved Training Scheme or Course

HSE - Work Experience Guidance

Guidance For Work Placement Organisers Working With Low Risk Work Placements 

Be Safe! An Introductory Guide to Health and Safety

Non-Employed Participant Interviews

We aim to interview around one in ten non-employed participants. We ask them about their experiences of the training, and we also ask them to talk about their health and safety induction at your premises and on their placement. Some of the topics we cover include emergency procedures and personal protective equipment.

If any issues come up during the interview, we'll report them back to you

Useful Links

The Scottish Centre for Health Working Lives helps employees, employers and partner organisations to create a healthier and more motivated workforce. They have created an interactive tool which can help you to identify a variety of hazards commonly found in office environments.

The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for health and safety regulation in Great Britain. The Health and Safety Executive and local government are the enforcing authorities who work in support of the Commission.