We are responsible for making sure all training funded through National Training Programmes (NTPs) is of high quality and benefits the learner.

All our funded learning providers are required to demonstrate that they meet SDS quality standards by completing a self assessment and action plan detailing areas of improvement.

Self Assessment (SA) and Quality Action Plan (QAP)

All providers should read the new Quality Assurance and Improvement Framework and Guidance documents before starting their self assessment process. Use the new Self Assessment and Quality Action Plan workbook to record your actions, achievements and improvements.

Improvement Hub

You can find links and resources below, with detailed effective practice examples and information on how the QA process can benefit your organisation in relation to SDS Quality Assurance.

Analysis of Quality Review Reports

Quality Assurance Review Analysis - Analysis of 49 Quality Assurance Reviews of Modern Apprenticeship (MA) and/or Employability Fund (EF) Training Providers.

Further information and support

Providers are required to submit to SDS their Self Assessment and Quality Action Plan by the end of April each year. The documents should be sent to the SDS Quality Assurance Mailbox.

Both documents will be reviewed by one of our Quality Assessors. You will be informed if the documents are acceptable within 3 weeks of sending your submission.   If there are any gaps or if information you have provided is not clear, you will be informed of the areas which require to be addressed and will be asked to revise and resubmit.  Your Quality Assessor will advise you on what specific action is needed and can offer additional support if required.

The Quality Action Plan will be monitored throughout the year by your SDS Skills Investment Adviser as part of their contract management activity.

All completed documentation should be sent to the Quality Mailbox.