We are responsible for making sure all training funded through National Training Programmes (NTPs) is of high quality and benefits the learner.

All our funded learning providers are required to demonstrate they meet SDS quality standards by completing a self assessment and action plan detailing areas of improvement.

Revised quality standards for 2017/18

All providers due a formal assessment during 2017/18 will be asked to work towards revised standards. This is a pilot phase and providers due an assessment will be asked to submit a new self assessment and quality action plan which you can download below.

Summary of changes:

The main changes to the standards are:

  • The quality standards have been reduced from nine to six with supporting quality indicators . You can find more information on these changes in the Quality Standards Framework 2017/18.
  • The new format quality action plan now includes a section to capture the equality action plan details. This means only one action plan is needed to cover all programmes delivered by a provider.
  • As the secure area of Provider Central is no longer available you should send all completed documentation to the Quality Mailbox 

What if you're not involved in the pilot?

If you haven’t been notified you’re involved in the pilot you will not be asked to submit a self assessment for the year 2017/18 only. You are still required to submit an updated action plan using one of the following ways:

  • You can update your action plan based on the 2016/17 standards and send a separate provider equality action plan.
  • You can use the updated action plan from the pilot. This document includes a section for your provider equality actions and is based on the new standards.

It’s important to know that the provider equality action plan must be submitted by the end of May regardless of the approach taken.

If you need more information or support, contact the Quality Assurance team.

2017/18 Quality Assurance Pilot

Use the revised standards and the accompanying self assessment and action plan if you're involved in this year's pilot.

2016/17 Quality Standards

Use the 2016/17 standards including the self assessment and action plan if you're not involved in the pilot.

All completed documentation should be sent to the Quality Mailbox.

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