Providing stakeholders with access to the most up-to-date labour market intelligence is a growing feature of Skills Development Scotland’s work.

In recent years, SDS has invested in developing a team dedicated to producing a robust and detailed evidence base that can be used to inform discussions and decisions around investment in our skills and learning system.

Since first being launched in 2014, Regional Skills Assessments (RSAs) have become a powerful tool for both SDS and a range of partners, evolving to respond to the latest developments in skills planning.

Last month, SDS also launched the RSA Data Matrix, a new interactive tool which takes more than 80 economic indicators and presents them in a visual format that is simple to navigate and understand.

As part of this work, SDS regularly reviews how it meets demand for labour market intelligence to ensure resources are used as effectively as possible.

Following an external review, SDS has taken the decision to discontinue the Research Online feature available through the SDS website.

With more and more people using standard online search tools to access research of interest to them, Research Online is no longer an effective way of providing access to additional intelligence.

Instead, users are encouraged to make use of SDS’s growing library of labour market intelligence. This includes not only the full suite of RSAs and the new RSA data matrix, but a wealth of data contained in sectoral and regional Skills Investment Plans, plus specific research in a range of other areas.

Should users have any requests for research on a specific topic, they can also contact SDS’s Evidence Base Team at