The options we choose in school can have a large impact on our future career.

We want to help pupils to have the skills to make confident decisions that will lead them to jobs suited to their talents, interests and goals.

In addition to group sessions, our careers advisers will also have a one-to-one with pupils at option choice time. This could just be the pupil and careers adviser, or a teacher may be there too.

We also offer the opportunity for parents to have a one-to-one around this time. This could be with the pupil or individually. No matter who is there, the support will be the same.

The one-to-one sessions will either be in S2 or S3, depending on when the school makes their significant option choice.

The session is designed to: 

  • Promote the further development of career management skills to make more informed choices
  • Understand the key influences in making their choices
  • Explore the impact of the choices they will make for the future
  • Introduce the My World of Work option choices tool. Pupils can type in up to six options and the tool finds jobs where these options would be useful


What's next?

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