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Education and Children’s Services Development Officer James believes there’s huge potential to use the 16+ Data Hub to strategically plan services for Aberdeen City Council.

James Simpson, Education & Children’s Services Development Officer for Aberdeen City Council, says the 16+ Data Hub helps assist schools in supporting pupils during their transition into a positive destination and continued participation in learning, training or work.

In August 2016, Aberdeen City Council ran a pilot project targeting information at young people across Aberdeen based on the data extracted from the 16+ Data Hub.

Working in partnership with SDS, a trial was agreed to host a new Job Club within the catchment area where Secondary schools had the lowest positive destination and participation rates, and two other drop-in Job Clubs were held at Froghall Community Centre.  

Two of the young people that took part joined a Construction Skills Certification Scheme and a further young person signed up to an Activity Agreement and was still engaging as of November 2016. 

Wider benefits of Information Sharing

James believes that the 16+ Data Hub can be used to:

  • Enhance community planning.
  • Assist wider services across Local Authorities such as community learning and development or economic development.
  • Provide Third Sector partners with wider access to data which can be used to inform their service delivery/planning.

16+ Data Hub and the Aberdeen City Data Observatory Project

Aberdeen City Council has worked in partnership with Jan Saevanee from Aberdeen University to develop a new dashboard where 16+ Data Hub information is uploaded and the data is displayed in a user-friendly manner. The dashboard allows information to be updated and displayed for each area, and the data can be further broken down into a number of categories including participation rates by school against geographical areas. The dashboard was developed in partnership with the University of Aberdeen.

Key features include:

  • A breakdown of leaver characteristics, neighbourhood and school catchment boundaries
  • A heat map illustrating the proportion of leavers not participating in education employment or training
  • A summary map of neighbourhood, school and datazone participation rates

Below is a screenshot illustrating how the dashboard displays data:


 The Data Hub interactive heat mapping.