Having the right qualification could be the difference that allows people to get a job or lets them move up or change roles if they’re already in work.

Up to £200 for training or learning

Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for SDS Individual Learning Accounts (ILA) may qualify for £200 a year towards training. And because it’s not a loan, the money doesn’t need to be paid back.

Over 400 approved ILA training providers

Over 400 training providers across Scotland are registered to deliver ILA training. In 2015/16, 22,000 people undertook 25,000 courses. The training covers a whole range of skills – from using Microsoft Excel to operating a forklift truck.

A trained workforce for the future

ILAs are excellent for workers who can now afford training that might otherwise be out of reach. And they’re valuable for employers too, giving people exactly the skills they need for the workplace.

ILAs allow people to learn new things or upskill. This can help them get back into work, progress their career or make a change. ILAs are valuable for employers too, giving people the skills they need to enter, re-enter or progress in the workplace.

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