How long will Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) remain open?  

The ITA scheme will remain open until 28 February 2023 or when the target of 28,000 applications is met – whichever comes first.

When will this phase of the scheme close?  

The scheme will close by 28 February 2023 or when the target of 28,000 applications has been met, whichever comes first.  

If I apply, am I guaranteed to receive funding?  

As long as your eligibility is verified on the ITA system by your chosen training provider within four weeks of you applying through My World of Work, your funding will be guaranteed.  

I have submitted my application – what do I do next?  

You must contact your chosen training provider with proof of your income or benefits within four weeks of applying through My World of Work. If you have not been verified by your training provider within four weeks your application will be deleted and you will need to submit a new application, provided that the scheme is still accepting new applications at this point.  

I have applied for a course with the wrong Training Provider, can I change this?  

If you have already been verified by your original training provider, you will need to contact them to cancel your place and then re-apply through My World of Work to the correct Provider. If your original provider has not yet verified, you can apply through My World of Work to the new provider and your original application will drop off the system after four weeks.  

I have applied for ITA funding but not received a notification email, what should I do?  

You should check your spam folder in case the confirmation email and instructions has gone into that folder. If you do not have this, please phone SDS on 0800 917 8000 to confirm the email address you entered and receive further instructions.  

Will I be notified of the scheme’s closure in advance?  

Details of the scheme’s closure will be shared through My World of WorkTwitter and Facebook.  

Will the scheme open again after this phase?

SDS will work with Scottish Government to explore options beyond the closure date, subject to budget.