Skills Development Scotland is committed to helping individuals get the skills they need for work.

In line with the Scottish Government’s Labour Market Strategy, Individual Training Accounts were launched in October 2017.

This targeted funding aims to support employability by focusing funds on those actively seeking employment and those who are currently in low paid work and looking to progress.

Up to £200 towards a training course

Individual Training Accounts are available to help people develop the skills they need for work, giving learners who meet the eligibility criteria up to £200 towards a single training course or training episode per year. And because it’s not a loan, the money doesn’t need to be paid back.

Learners can search for an ITA course on My World of Work and apply online for funding, making the application process quick and simple.

Aligning to the needs of learners and the economy

To ensure Individual Training Accounts meet the needs of learners and the overall aims of the scheme, training providers must demonstrate the quality and outcomes of their courses.  

ITA courses are selected and monitored according to the positive outcomes they can offer to the learner and their career prospects.

Individual Training Accounts aim to improve work-related skills and qualifications. They align to the training definitions set out by the Scottish Government.

All ITA courses must be in one of the curriculum areas aligned to the Scottish Government’s Labour Market Strategy which includes: Adult Literacy & Numeracy Tuition, Agriculture, Business, Construction, Early Years and Childcare, Fitness, Health & Beauty, Health & Safety, Hospitality, STEM, Language, Security, Social Care and Transport.

By increasing the employability of those seeking employment and those who are in low paid work looking to progress, ITAs also allow employers access to a trained and motivated workforce.

Want to know more?

Learn more about Individual Training Accounts and how it can help you:

  • Individuals can search for courses and apply online for funding on My World of Work.
  • Training providers looking for more information on delivering ITA approved courses should visit our training provider area.

Visit our Employability Skills page for more information on the support we provide for individuals to improve their work-based and employability skills.