It can be difficult to get a first foot on the career ladder. Individuals may have a positive attitude and potential, but the lack of work experience stands in the way.

How the Certificate of Work Readiness can help

The Certificate of Work Readiness (CWR) is a qualification owned by SDS and certificated by SQA. It helps individuals prepare for work through employability training and a work placement, which results in a nationally recognised SQA qualification upon completion. 

Approximately 10,500 individuals in Scotland have started CWR since it was developed. 97% of participants surveyed stated that it improved their confidence and their ability to demonstrate the responsibilities and demands of an employee in the workplace. 

Through completion of CWR, many have progressed to the following; a Modern Apprenticeship, full time employment or further training. 

Benefits for employers

The CWR supports Developing the Young Workforce and the Scottish Government’s Opportunities for All agenda.

It allows employers to recruit a more diverse workforce and to become involved in offering work experience that can support the growth of their organisation. Through CWR, supervising/mentoring opportunities can help motivate and develop existing staff.

The CWR qualification can be funded through a variety of national or local programmes on The Employability Pipeline or through SDS Employability Fund.

Want to know more?

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