There are now four levels of Apprenticeship in Scotland:

  • Modern Apprenticeships at SCQF 5 (SVQ 2)
  • Modern Apprenticeships at SCQF 6/7 (SVQ 3)
  • Technical Apprenticeships at SCQF 8/9
  • Professional Apprenticeships at SCQF 10+.

Technical and Professional Apprenticeships were developed in response to feedback from the Scottish Government's "Making Training Better" Consultation in late 2011.

These higher level apprenticeships offer businesses flexible, work­based training, as a tool for developing and up-skilling staff to meet their specific business requirements.

The two key differences for Technical and Professional apprenticeships are:

1. Greater flexibility for the mandatory qualifications.

The mandatory qualification can be SVQs, CBQs, HN qualifications, Professional qualifications and any other qualifactions based on current National Occupational Standards (NOS) at SCQF Level 8 and above. Many sectors will still continue to use SVQs CBQs and may not need to use alternatives.

2. Core skills will be replaced by career skills.

Core skills only go up to SCQF level 6 and employers have said that 'career skills' should reflect the work­based requirements at a higher level. Career skills will be separately certificated. Read about career skills and core skills. Processes for developing and approving Technical and Professional Apprenticeships will be exactly the same as the current processes: consultation with employers, completion of Framework template and proposal document and submission to MAG for approval. Technical and Professional Apprenticeships will be funded in line with current SDS funding policies for apprenticeships.

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