"Healthcare Support Worker" is an overarching term for NHSScotland staff who are not in registered healthcare roles and who deliver a wide range of services to, or for, patients and service users.

This includes staff who work:

  • in a direct clinical role, under the supervision of a registered healthcare professional (e.g. clinical support worker working with patients in a hospital ward or a clinic);
  • in an indirect clinical role, under the supervision of a healthcare professional (e.g. people working in laboratories or theatres, working with samples, or tools that are being used in a theatre);
  • in a direct service provision role, with access to patients and members of the public (e.g. reception staff or porters);
  • deal with personal identifiable patient data (e.g. health records and appointments staff);
  • have responsibility for maintaining premises or equipment used by patients (e.g. maintenance staff; domestic services staff); and
  • are involved in the preparation/delivery of goods or services directly for/to service users (e.g. staff involved in preparing or serving food).

Skills for Health worked with partners including NHS Education for Scotland to develop a Modern Apprenticeship at two levels.

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