The spirits industry is a technically challenging industry in which to operate requiring the application of scientific principles to process and supply high quality spirits products.

Spirits Operations at SCQF Level 6

The Skills Investment Plan for Scotland’s Food and Drink Sector identified the need for an expansion of the ‘Apprenticeship Family’ for the food and drink sector. The spirits industry is supportive of a new Modern Apprenticeship to attract and retain talent within the sector covering the range of operations, including processing, bottling, packing, labelling, casking, warehouse operations and distribution.

To date, the sector has been served by generic food and MAs and a customised Spirits Industry Vocational Qualification (SIVQ), but demand from employers and stakeholders is for a specific SVQ and MA Framework for the spirits sector.

The spirits sector in Scotland is booming and is represented by businesses that range from large multinational organisations, producing a vast range of spirits through to small/craft distillers.

Framework Details