Lantra is the Sector Skills Council which supports skills and training for people and businesses in the land-based and environmental sector, covering 16 occupational areas grouped around:

  • Land management and production
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Environmental industries

The trees and timber industry covers the care, maintenance and management of trees, woodlands and forests and the production of wood and timber products.

The Modern Apprenticeship developed by LANTRA has two different workstreams: arboriculture and forestry, which both involve working with and around trees.

Forestry focuses on the management of forests and woodland (including planting and harvesting), while arboriculture centres on the cultivation, management and care for individual trees, or groups of trees, for amenity purposes.

The industry is highly specialised and can involve working with a vast array of machines, materials and equipment - from planting stock to chemicals, through to chainsaws, harvesters and computer software. A wide range of skills and knowledge is required, as there is a range of jobs and tasks involved in the industry.

Framework details

More information about the industry can be found on the Lantra website.